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Wiki-TELL Online Directory

TELL's online directory is a wiki-style application that offers information on English speaking services across Japan.

Search the directory for doctors, lawyers, counselors or other English language services, or recommend a service in your local area.

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WB-DAT Anxiety and Depression Test

The WB-DAT (Web Based Depression and Anxiety Test) is a clinically validated electronic screening program that asks you a series of questions about depression, anxiety and panic symptoms.

The test is based on questions that doctors often ask when they think that their patient may have depression or an anxiety disorder.

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TELL Mental Health Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets are divided into two sections, for teenagers and for adults.

All of the fact sheets describe the signs and symptoms of many of the major mental disorders as well as outlining treatment options and relevant people to talk to.

The facts sheets are available for purchase in single topics or sets of 6, 12 or 18 topics

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TELL Medication Clinic

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TELL Medication Clinic provides psychiatric consultation and medication evaluation and monitoring for the convenience of clients who use TELL Counseling.

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