Donate to TELL


Donations to TELL directly benefit the community we serve. General donations are allocated to programs most in need but you may choose to direct your donation to a particular program.

Donation payment options

    • JPY check

    • Bank transfer

    • Postal transfer

    • Credit card (in person or by telephone)

    • USD checks (tax-deductible for US citizens)

To make a donation, please fill out this form.

Donation can also be made to US TELL in US dollars here.

Tax Deductions

TELL is a certified non-profit organization since March 2013. If you are a tax payer in Japan, your donation to TELL is tax deductible.

Support the Lifeline and Telephone Counselor Training

TELL's Lifeline saves lives - every day! Donate to TELL's Lifeline and support people in need in your community. Any donation big or small is welcome.

You an also choose to sponsor a shift or even a day on the line. A donation of 30,000 yen will cover a shift on the Lifeline. A donation of 120,000 yen protects the community for a day.

Chose a birthday for yourself or someone you love and dedicate it as the day you saved a life.